Far Crying out loud, fix your interaction

| Wednesday, April 24, 2013
I've been playing Far Cry 3 a bit lately.  I'll have more to say on it later, but for the time being, here's this: It's a fun game, but the interaction needs work.

The key e, by the way.  And that's fine.  E is a great interaction key.  I'm a fan of it.

What matters is the interaction part.  There's a lot of "Hold E to interact" or "Hold E to loot body" or "Hold E to swap your fancy upgraded Swiss-made weapon for a $5 AK-74 knock-off made using duct tape and hubcaps".

The latter bits are one of the bigger annoyances.  It's a good idea to loot corpses, so I aim at the corpse and...  hm.  Nothing.  Maybe if I turn my camera this way a little and hit E.  Oh, I just threw my weapon on the ground.  Okay, hit it again ans switch that back.  Swivel slowly... slowly... and corpse looted!  Rinse and repeat for every single corpse because everyone drops a gun and you don't need it.

A similar problem occurs with skinning.  I must look strange, shuffling in a little circle staring at a dead tiger.

The problem, as best as I can tell, is that the size of bodies for interaction purposes is far smaller than their visual size.  Guns appear to be the reverse.

Space lets you climb ledges.  If you're facing just the right spot.  Otherwise you jump up and down.  Sometimes when you jump you'll end up mousing over the right spot to look at, just so it can taunt you.  "Ha ha!  Jump, pet!  Jump!  You almost had it!  It's right here!"

I learned the annoying way, it would be silly to call it the "hard way" that when they say "mash [key]" they mean "spam [key]".  In my mind, mash means to hold down.  Maybe they mean it in the banana complex, but then I'd need my hammer.

You'll soon realize that you only need a few of each animal skin to craft the items you need.  If you somehow need more, hunting isn't all that difficult.  Though deer are skittish.  Get a sniper rifle.  Thankfully, skins can be sold and there is a quick-sell option.  But that only sells vendor trash.  Crafting materials must be done one at a time, with a confirmation dialog on every single one.  I learned not to skin or gather plants unless I am actually sure that I need that animal, which I don't anymore.

As an unrelated tip, when they give you the hunting quests, you only need to use the weapon type, not the actual weapon.  So feel free to bring your slightly-less-terrible bow or really awesome signature SMG.  Stick with their rocket launcher, because that's really the True Hunter's way to kill a rapid dog.


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