That sarcastic jerk

| Monday, October 8, 2012
I'm sure you've run into this person.  They're perpetually sarcastic, but rather than being a frowning cynic, they laugh about it.  Insults are hidden as jokes.  Or maybe jokes are misunderstood as insults.

They don't lie about anything around them, but they are perpetually insincere.  A straight answer is impossible to get and even a twisted answer has an unknown number of twists before the truth is found.

I'm reminded of Dr. Horrible, in which Captain Hammer is described as cheesy, prompting a call to "trust your instincts."  Then a deeper layer is brought up which is much better.  But!  "Sometimes there's an even deeper layer which is the same as the outside"  Maybe this person is actually nice with a bad outside.  Or maybe they're a jerk with a good middle layer of jokes but then the outer layer is a jerk again, so that anyone who digs down finds the second layer and thinks they've found the total complexity.

What does one do with a jerk, or maybe not, like that?


Anonymous said...

My probably too easy answer would be: Don't get too close (emotionally attached) to such convoluted jerks.

rowanblaze said...

All too often, my "Sure" is taken for sarcasm. I do tend to be sarcastic, so there is that.

Reuben said...

Maynard suggests playing God, and just shooting them yourself.

I'd be cordial, but distanced. Cool lime cordial.

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