A few fixes for GW2

| Friday, September 7, 2012
Save auto-attack states for weapon switches.  It is irritating that when I switch to my flamethrower or elixir gun I lose the auto-attack on the primary spammable and have to turn it back on, every switch.

Longer leashes on mobs, particularly if you are actively attacking them.  I have to kite a lot and it doesn't help when just barely out of shooting range the mob is running back.  Thankfully, resetting mobs are not invulnerable and do not regenerate quite as fast as in WoW.  However this also means that they don't seem to reset their aggro if you shoot on the way back, so a fully-healed mob may return to chase after you again, while you've been in combat the entire time and not healed up similarly.

Restricting map markers to current map as some sort of toggle.  It's frustrating to try to figure out how to get to a skill or vista only to realize, eventually, that it's in the next zone over.

Slightly shorter bounce range on my engineer's electric shot which likes to jump halfway across the map to aggro neutral mobs.

Rather than merely displaying total profits, give a list of sales, including the TP cut.  This can be found in the "My Transactions" tab.

Add "Usable" as a filter option or add armor type as an option.

Bulk vendor chef items come out of bags of 25 while others come out in stacks of 10.  Cut the bags to 20 and reduce the karma cost proportionately.

Add a bank tab for intermediate crafting materials.  This is especially problematic for my chef, which seems to be an order or two of magnitude more complex than leatherworking or huntsman.

Allow crafting to draw materials directly from the collectables tab. As of a couple days ago, crafting can be done using materials in the collectibles.

Please tell the woman near the crafting waypoint in Hoelbrak that we all agree that she has not taken leave of her senses and we have gone off to fight the creatures of metal and stone so please stop yelling every two seconds.  Also, please tell the NPCs that we all know that the spirits of the wild rarely answer their prayers and we're really sorry to hear that, particularly the part where we have to hear that.

[edit for new fixes]
Preserve searches in the trading post when switching tabs.


Clockwork said...

Could also tell that vendors in Divinity's Reach that our coins are all the same colors...and if I hear "Excelsior!" shouted one more time you'll hear about the results on the evening news.

Syl said...

Ahhh yes....I have many little gripes like that hehe although it's funny how we adapt. having to drag the mats into your bag first for crafting is annoying me too, as you know. but then, I don't craft anymore. ;)

I really want FP view soon :(

"have to turn it back on, every switch."

hmmm...I don't? is that maybe a setting? my auto-attacks persist through attunement switches.
also: l2circle strafe! :P

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