Quit if it's so bad

| Monday, June 4, 2012
Something in a game is bad.  Maybe your class was nerfed.  Maybe the new raid is too easy.  Maybe there is a strange ad campaign which has resulted in Family Guy doing the development for a month and consequently, every quest is interrupted with fart jokes and understated yet still highly disturbing mother-son incest love triangle given a third vertex by a dog that is in love with the mother.

Are you going to quit?  The ever-present trollosphere says you should.  If you don't like something, quit.  If you're unhappy about anything, quit.  If you don't quit, that just means you don't actually care.

Or it means that there are gradients of dislike between "annoying" and "game-breaking disaster".  The first example is probably of the first sort.  The last example seems like something worth quitting over.

There is also the thinksitsreasonablesphere, of people who think they are being reasonable and serious by responding to all complaints with troll message with a new spin: "put your money where your mouth is."  Of course that makes perfect sense.  5% reduction in voidwalker health?  Quit.  Show Blizzard that you're not bluffing, that you're the Most Serious Warlock and a Very Reasonable Person.

Or maybe these are actually the exact same people and they really just have one goal: to make stop expressing negative opinions about things they like by using ridiculous reasoning to demand extreme reactions.  You didn't follow their rules on how to react to anything bad, so clearly you don't actually think its bad, so you should shut up, useless whiner.

Perhaps the great irony is that I'm writing this after years of pent-up frustration with people saying this about WoW, that any complaint about any change (and I've had plenty) means someone should quit, and I'm canceling my sub again.  I have no specific complaints, no single game-breaking change; I just don't care anymore, which is what happened last time I quit.  There are things to do, it's not as if I've run out of quests and raids, but none of them interest me much.  Though maybe I should finish up the goblin area, just so I can write about it.  If I do, I'll try to remove the effect of my lack of interest, so it won't be "this quest was boring and that quest was boring."


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