How to Nerf Warriors

| Friday, June 20, 2008
Rend: Warlocks are the DoT class, yet warriors can DoT up enemies too, and for deep arms it even increases the damage they take. To fix this unbalanced ability Blizzard will be nerfing the druid talent Mangle, removing the bleed damage increase.
Spell Reflect: This does a lot of hurt. However it is obvious that it is no more overpowered than whatever was cast at the warrior. With this is mind, Blizzard will be nerfing the spell damage coefficients of all spells by 10%.
Second Wind: This ability was found to be providing higher than expected rage and health regeneration. The rogue talent Mace Specialization will now regenerate energy rather than stunning the target.
Enrage: Popping enrage has been found to be effectively an "I win" button when facing casters, especially mages. To compensate, intellect will grant only half as much spell crit and the mage talent Shatter has been changed to increase critical strike damage against frozen targets by 1/2/3/4/5% rather than the previous increase in critical strike chance. Frostbite has been replaced with Frosty Warding, reducing the damage taken from snowmen by 4/7/10%.


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