My new scapegoat for ret: double-dipping

| Monday, November 10, 2008
With the exception of SoC and an insignificant AP benefit on SoR, paladin abilities used to be single-coefficient. They either benefited from SP or from AP. This was pretty bad for ret since it only had AP. Then two things happened. The first (not in chronological order, just order of me thinking them up), was awesome and was called Sheathe of Light. The second has no name and it ruined everything, it is the addition of AP benefits to just about every paladin offensive ability.

Back when ret had no SP the second thing made sense. But now ret has SP, from AP, so adding AP bonuses just means that ret gets to double-dip. Sheathe of Light is great, keep it. But...

What if abilities benefited only from AP or SP? The problem isn't sheathe, the problem is that everything was changed to allow ret to double-dip. If SoR was only SP, it could have a much higher SP coefficient. Judgements can be pure SP (as they used to be), since all specs have SP from somewhere.

Anyone that needs SP either wears SP gear (holy) or gets SP from other stats that they wear (prot and ret). Anyone that needs AP either wears str gear (ret and prot) or they don't need it (holy).

Weapon-based attacks: AP (from strength)
Shield-based attacks: BV (from strength)
Spells (including heals): SP

There, everything is fixed. Now Blizzard can buff back up SP coefficients while removing AP bonuses on most spells; leaving ret unchanged and the other specs stronger.


Unknown said...

I agree with your assessments for the most part. Double dipping hurts the class as a whole. However, without an AP modifier on their spells, tankadins will immediately go back to using caster weapons full of Spell Power.

Sure they would lose HotR damage, but they would gain from other SP modified abilities like Judgements, Holy Shield, Seal of Vengeance/Righteousness and Consecrate in the absence of AP scaling on spells.

Klepsacovic said...

I think tankadins can be shifted to strength gear without using a lot of AP coefficients. It makes sense for holy shield or avenger's shield to scale with block value, which comes from strength. That would make strength a source of damage from additional abilities, shifting the benefit back to strength.

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