Warlocks: What's the Big Deal?

| Monday, May 26, 2008
No really, why do people whine about them so much?

Fear has been steadily nerfed for what, two years? It lasts less time in PvP and has a higher and higher chance to break on damage. The distant changes to PvP trinkets meant that everyone could break fear. Priests all got some fear ward love. Deathwish was moved to fit better into the warrior PvP tree.

Fear didn't used to share DRs with seduce. On the subject of seduce, what happened to the old seduce-nuking? Resilience made the crit reliance much less reliable. Succubi are incredibly easy to kill and have been for a while.

Soul link got nerfed. Oh sure it used to be able to be purged, so I guess it did get that buff. But the damage transfer was nerfed.

DoTs are affected by resilience.

Sure it sucks to get feared to death, but how often does that even happen? I'm far more likely to get stunlocked. And look at the other side, when fear fails, what does the warlock have? They wear cloth. Sure they could have SL, but that got nerfed and the damage is only redirected, not actually reduced. Fine, an instant voidwalker can be trouble. Try again before 15 minutes have passed. They do have unusually high stam for being clothies, but that's partially because health is their mana. Imagine a mage without blink or frost nova. Also take away the ability to get the water elemental for another frost nova, or deep arcane for slow (does anyone ever get that?), or even fire for dragon's breath. Imagine having no way to avoid damage except for death coil. That's what happens when a warlock can't use fear, which is surprisingly often.

It's all a game of rock-paper-scissors and we tend to remember the losing end. But every time you die to a warlock, a warlock dies to arogue or warrior or hunter. It's not all flowers and bunnies, or ever felweed and helboars.


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