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A good group

| Wednesday, August 22, 2012
I've a weird habit of wanting to complete dungeon quests, even in Blackrock Depths where they appear to have gone out of their way to make Heart of the Mountain hard to complete.  Getting enough keys requires pretty much killing every dwarf in lower and upper city and they despawn on zone-out, so no saving up.  That last part is new, and I don't know why Blizzard would add something to make it harder to complete a quest at the same time that they made it easier to get the quest (used to be out in the Burning Steppes).

I managed to do this on my paladin thanks to being a tank and therefore being able to drag the group anywhere I wanted.  Usually just explaining that the quest they all had needed it was enough.  Other times people just had no clue that I was taking them on the grand tour.  Strangely I never had problems with people just in it for the loot bag at the end.  My hunter did it with the help of two friends I was leveling with: a tank and a healer, so again, we could go anywhere we wanted and didn't need anyone else if they all wanted to leave.

My mage was not so lucky.  She has no tank and healer to queue with, so it takes a while just to get in.  First group had a special flower snowflake tank who wanted to rush to the end, acknowledging that he was skipping every quest and almost the entire instance, regardless of what anyone else needed.  Sadly, there is no "report for being a douchebag" option.  The second group was going well enough, with the tank seeming to want to do the quest.  Alas, I could sense trouble.  The two other DPS wanted a speed run.  That made it obvious that "we'll do the quest after the boss" was just a blatant scam.  I tried to explain that even if they weren't being deceptive liars it was still faster to get the keys before the end boss, but no, he was going to charge bravely ahead to no clue where he was going at all.

Finally, finally!  I got a group.  A group that responded to questions regarding a full clear for the keys with affirmations and references to experience points.  Oh, glorious.  Even better, the tank responded to directions, following me, seemingly recognizing that if someone in BRD knows where they are going, you go along with them, lest you find yourself lost in endless tunnels.  It all went marvelously, with so many keys that we had enough to rob the bank without even needing to loop back after the bar.  Normally I find that we need to do some looping to get enough keys, but nope, plenty.  So we robbed the bank and looped back to the main path to the bar.  Things went well, at least until the bar when the tank had to go after a terrible incident with the Dark Keeper.  As these things go, they went downhill, until I was the only one left.

I decided to stick around.  I had a wonderful present after all: an open bank.  Finally, a new group formed.  With a little bit of confusion on their part, we finished off the bar and the Dark Keeper boozing within.  Four people got the heart of the mountain without needing to spend an hour and a half in BRD slaughtering dwarfs, which I suppose could be seen as an unfortunate loss on their part.  Still, I'd seen how tricky it was to get the quest finished, what with people rushing and not reading, so I was very happy to have been able to help out four people like that (plus the previous four).  We move along smoothly, with people again following directions.  At the end I thanked the tank for that and he thanked me for the guiding and everyone else thanked the tank for tanking.  The healer joined me in queueing for Lower Blackrock Spire.

Our tank didn't know the way and told us to say if he was going the wrong way.  I asked if that was our cue to trick him into doing upper spire too.  The healer said yes and the tank went along.  So up we went.  There were some problems regarding the healer forgetting that if we're not 85 we're not invincible and then a DC.  Still, the boss died.  I then invited them to a rousing game of Jump From Upper Spire to Lower Spire and Hope We Don't Die From the Fall.  We all survived the fall and proceeded to replicate our previous orc-killing success with the addition of troll and ogre-killing.  Things were spiffingly great.  At leat until we were afflicted with Sudden Tank Dropping Group Syndrome.  That resulted in a bit of a game of Two Mages Showing Off Their Kiting Skills followed by Klepsacovic Demonstrating His Total Knowledge of Shortcuts in LBRS, which unfortunately descended into a game of Priest Dying from a Misplaced Jump Onto Hard Surfaces and then Lava.  We got a tank, we killed a boss, then another boss, and finally the last boss at the end.

Sometimes things are pretty good.

Can you keep a secret?

| Monday, July 9, 2012
I know the way around Blackrock Depths.  Not with a map, at least not one on the screen or printed.  Nor do I just know where things are.  I know where they are, how to get there, how to get there from here, or anywhere, where to start and end, and where to do anything.

But can you keep a secret?  I think so.  I've shown dozens of people, maybe hundreds.  Somehow no one ever told.  Maybe they didn't see, despite walking right through.  Maybe that's why: they just walked right through.

I told them there was a ghost and all they had to do was die.  A small price to pay to talk to a ghost, especially when you can come right back.  Only a few listened.  They all came back.  I was glad they did.  Maybe some of them learned.

Yet I never saw them tell.  I showed up they never told.  I told Doone that secrets cannot be kept.  I realized that I was wrong.  I had a secret and I couldn't not keep it.  I tried and tried and no one else got it.

The secret may have died with BRD.  It got chopped up and automated and unlocked and teleported.  There aren't many secrets left.  It wasn't the internet that killed the secret, because it never told.  It wasn't the player either, try as I did.  Instead it was the game designer who killed it.  He made no secrets and he told us them all anyway.  There was nothing left to not tell.

But I still know.

And I'm not telling anymore.  Not to you anyway.

Acceptable Irritation

| Tuesday, April 19, 2011
Was the Black Anvil a bad idea?

You have no idea what I'm talking about, do you?

*sparkles and glitter*
*wooshing noises*
Back in the day...

Once upon a time, Ragnaros had no legs and lived in a place called the Molten Core. As the name implies, it was at the core of something (a mountain) and was molten. However I'm not sure if it would be lava or magma. I suppose it is technically underground, making it magma. Okay the point is, it was a very hot place with a lot of bosses who looked exactly the same but had different numbers of friends (poor Shaz had none) and many of whom did a lot of fire damage. To deal with this we wore gear with the fire resistance stat and told mean jokes about fire mages, who would then cry, which is how they conjured water back then.

Fire resistance gear could be obtained from drops, often in Blackrock Depths, which back then was farmed endlessly in pursuit of fire resistance gear. But there was also gear with higher levels of fire resistance, which was often wanted by tanks, since getting punched in the face by an elemental lord of fire (or maybe he's one notch down the pole) hurts a lot. So they'd craft higher quality FR gear using all sorts of expensive materials.

This special crafting required a special place, the Black Anvil. It's near the start of Blackrock Depths and was the only place where players could create Dark Iron gear (high end FR gear). Imagine needing to run to an instance in the middle of nowhere (or right next door for Alliance) to do your crafting. Sounds crazy doesn't it?

I liked it.

Sure it was inconvenient. But we didn't have to do it all the time, it's not like we were making, let's just say, flasks, and needed to run all the way into the bottom of Scholomance (another story for another day). So when we did go, it made the gear just a little bit more special. It sounds silly, but that's the human mind for you, very silly.

Gear is both reward and tool, but the reward aspect seems diminished these days. None of it is very special anymore. Generic badges gathered from anywhere from the same vendor as everyone else. It almost, almost, makes me miss the days when OH FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DROP MY DAMN CHEST YOU STUPID JACKASS DRAGON I HAVE BEEN HERE TEN TIMES THIS WEEK! Note: Running UBRS twice in a day was quite a feat, possibly expensive if you needed to hire someone with the key. Different times...

Underwater isntances are lame

| Sunday, August 15, 2010
I want an instance under lava.

As I was running out of Blackrock Mountain I had a revelation: It would be awesome to have an instance portal that could only be reached by swimming under some lava.

Out of curiosity I also did some fishing. Yes, of course in the lava. I got an essence of fire, some coal, and a few old skulls.

BRD has the solution to all problems

| Saturday, July 3, 2010
Are you bored by mindless faceroll trash? Do you hate having to fight a bunch of boring bosses just to get to the end one with the good stuff? Has your class been marginalized and turned into a leather-wearing warrior? Do you ever wish every instance run wasn't the same? Do you feel like you don't kill enough dwarves in a day? Have you ever wished that instances had more love stories, or at least the unethical use of potions by a succubus waitress?

Blackrock Depths can solve all these problems, and more!

Thanks to mobs which flee and patrolling bosses, faceroll trash will faceroll you! But don't worry, if you still love faceroll AoE speed-running, then you'll love the Lycaem. In this room you'll have to quickly locate, kill, and loot flamekeepers, all while dealing with innumerable swarms of dwarves. That's a two-for-one deal! Or is it three?

Thanks to the river of lava and all manner of doors and paths, you can skip anywhere from one to a dozen bosses, almost going right to the very end. But don't worry, you still get to do facerollroom!

For all the rogues out there, there's the bar. No, not to drink yourself into a haze to avoid the horror of your class. Instead it's one of the few places where pickpocketing is actually useful. You can steal a key! As an added bonus, it also angers the bartender and literally dozens of dwarves, while also alerting guards, meaning that from the safety of stealth you can cause a really big fight which you can just ignore!

For people who like a bit of variety, not only does BRD offer multiple paths, it even offers multiple ways to beat the dreaded Bar Door Boss. Yes, it is truly a versatile encounter. A rogue can steal the key, a succubus can open it with some persuasion, a dwarf can blast it down with an exploding keg. Or if you prefer to be straightforward, starting a big enough fight will call the guards, who open the door on their way in. There's also a random boss event, which may or may not give you an incurable fear of bugs.

If you love love, or at least stories in which someone can't say no, then you'll love Mistress Nagmara's heart-breaking quest for love. She makes a potion which makes a drunk dwarf love her. Now I don't mean to imply anything, but one would think a drunk dwarf wouldn't need much convincing to go make out with a succubus, unless he's, you know, like a blood elf. I mean to say he might actually be a she with a beard.

The thrills don't stop! Check out these features:
  • Food to steal
  • Vendors
  • The chance to kill a dwarf emperor
  • Pregnant dwarf princesses! (just one)
  • Key quests that require you to die
  • Dwarves, getting tortured!
  • Prisoners
  • Prisoners who have gone insane and make for good entertainment
  • Puppies!
  • Lava
  • Bank robbery
  • Secret bank robbery
  • Bridges with lava very far under them
  • Gnomes to kill
  • A band! Yes, whatever that group is calling itself these days, they're in the bar!
  • Mole diggers
  • If killing dwarves wasn't enough, you get to fight their ghosts too!
  • Unique forge and anvil, the only places you can work with Dark Iron
  • More boss fights than ICC
  • And to cap it off, at the very end is a portal to Molten Core, so finish on a high note by trying to five-man a pair of molten giants which could wipe a 40-man raid!
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